Telugu Heroines/Tollywood actresses without make up

Telugu heroines/Telugu actresses without make up

Tollypop is showing here under a few images of Tollywood actresses without make up whose features look different from before to after make up. Some of the heroines look naturally better than after make up. However they need to undergo make over as per the demand of the character in the movie.

Make up makes us feel good and feel confident.When we party, we need to move with a lot of people where we need to look decent and fresh and to express ourselves in a better way.

Most of the film actors hardly head out of home without make up.Mostly, female actors choose to put on ¬†make up when they go out.They believe that heroines with out make up look odd and ugly.Moreover, they are familiar with the people with make- over on screen. It is like a mask for them and makes a way to hide themselves what movie lovers and fans don’t want to see. They tend to shun their physical and mental imperfections.In movies, once they are made up to play the role,they totally transform into the character and therefore it boosts their confidence to perform well.

Some of the following actresses look more natural and beautiful than they are on make up like Iliana,Anushka and Anjali.Some are black in complexion,who inevitably need to be made up.

Whatever it is, natural beauty is divine, Even though stars believe that make up enhances their natural beauty and make them feel more fresh and comfortable.











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