Film Celebrities, Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu Glamour secret

     Film Celebrities glamour secret

Nagarjuna Akkineni’s glamour secret:

The popular Tollywood hero Nagarjuna in his late 50s still looks very young.The first and foremost thing which we can consider is that the ever green glamour was inherited by his father ‘Akkineni Nageswara rao.A.N.R used to be  very young and energetic and play hero roles very actively even when he was  60+. Thus, the legacy of youthfulness was handed down to Nagarjuna.In the film fraternity,all wonder how he is able to maintain to stay ever young and fit. The movie lovers and his fans Named their beloved actor “Manmadhudu’ because of his eternal youth.

     Nagarjuna’s fitness secret is believed to be his right menu and proper work out to stay slim and young.It is said that his day starts after 6 with hitting the gym.He works out for an hour there.After going through Ablutions, he breakfasts on Egg whites and  bread slices.He has brunch at11A.M on one of the south Indian tiffins like  Idly,Pongal,Dosa… etc followed by some fresh fruits. Quite some time before lunch the actor takes fresh fruits and then  eats limited rice and rotis  with 4 varieties of veg dishes.Mostly,Nagarjuna eats grilled chicken,fish,boiled vegetables…etc for dinner.It is said that he gets to bed at 10P.M. This is all about his regular physical exercise and food habits in a punctual manner. Apart from this, the most worth-mentioning point is his good and decent attitude which stands as an important factor behind his glamour secret.
Nagarjuna’s positive traits:
(1) He  wears a pleasant smile on his face all the time.
(2) He tries his best to stay cool when his film fails at box office.
(3) He maintains healthy and harmonious relation with co-stars and other members of the fraternity.
(4)He is down to earth
(5)He moves very friendly with everyone in his family and extended family irrespective of age.
(6) and above all, he keeps himself in ever feel good state of mind.

So, It’s apt, not an exaggeration to call him ‘Manmadhudu‘,ever ‘Yuva Samrat

Tollypop wishes him the eternal youth and energy to play hero roles for 2 more decades.
 Last word:Most of the successful artists in film industry have good habits, hard working nature, punctuality and positive attitude. Otherwise they wouldn’t have  got success.Among such celebrities Nagarjuna is one and
 The prince Mahesh Babu’s glamour secret:
Mahesh Babu  is 41 years old  now and but to everyone’s surprise he looks very young as if he is 25+.
The prince Mahesh Babu, son of the then superstar Krishna is one of the sought after Tollywood actors who is reserved and reticent.His first priority is spending  time with his family at leisure or off shooting.Even when he was very young, he enjoyed the status of being star’s child and star child artist as well. Yet, he is humble and down to earth. He is of course in 40s yet he maintains to look as handsome as he used to in his 20s.
Mahesh’s diet:

It is heard that Mahesh’s diet mostly consists of Indian or Chinese chicken fried rice

Mahesh Babu  has  a balanced diet which is said to comprise of right mix of protien, carbohydrates and fat.

  According to a reliable source,Mahesh prefers to eat rice with sambar and ‘Bendakaya’ curry when he is at home and at times Chicken curry. He eats 5 to 6 times a day including supplement shakes.

Breakfast: Mahesh’s first meal is a dish made of oats,eggs,fruits and nuts.He has some shake after work out
Lunch: Mahesh eats a dish made of chicken/fish/ lamb meat with carbs (Brown rice/ Quinoa/ Khus khus)
Dinner:It is said that Mahesh has brown or whole wheat bread with eggs or chicken.

It is heard that Mahesh works out 24/7 to stay slim and build strong muscles and he would not believe in working out vigorously for the role in an upcoming film. Making his body strong and flexible  is his main focus, according to a source. It is heard that he makes it a point to work out for one and half hours on one body part which is compulsorily

followed by stretching.It is said that he is least interested in building six pack abs.His strong intention to work out is all about staying fit and lean.

.Film Celebrities Glamour Secret

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