Nani’s Latest Movie Majnu(2016) story

         Nani latest movie ‘Majnu’ Story

Movie Name: Majnu

Released date:23 sept 2016

Producers:Geetha Golla’P.Kiran

 Screen-play and direction:Virinchi Varma

Starring: Nani,Anu Emmanuel,Priya shri,Posani Krishna Murali,Vennela Kishore,Sapta Giri,Raj Tarun(guest appearance)

Music:Gopi Sunder

cinematography:Gnana Sekhar


 Aditya (Nani) works in the team of ‘Bahu Bali’ movie as an assistant director.Suma(Priya Sri) works in the office of Aditya’s friend,Kasi(Sathya).Actually, Kasi is in love with Suma and he wants to take his friend’s help to propose her.In this connection, Aditya visits Kasi’s office. As soon as he sees Suma he falls in love with her at the first sight. Adithya tells her his love story which happened in his home town,Bhimavaram.

           A few years ago,Adithya had a party with his friends on the occasion of being placed in IT company. In an intoxicated state, he sees Kiran(Anu Emmanuel) and loves at first sight.Kiran is riding on her two wheeler and she crashes into Aditya while he is staring at her in a frozen gesture.He is taken to hospital.There ,Aditya proposes to Kiran.He quits his job in Benguluru and starts searching for Kiran. Finally he finds out that she is doing B.Tech in the college where he studied. In a situation where he is chasing her, he ends up joining the college as a junior lecturer.After a few events,Kiran also starts loving him.
Oneday.Kiran finds Aditya fighting with some goons and asks Kasi why it is happenning. Kasi says that it is because of helping him. Kiran does not like Aditya to get in to fight and asks Aditya to stop. But Aditya would not. She asks him who is important to him, Kiran or Kasi. Aditya says that his friend is important.Then Kiran decides to break up with him.Later ,Aditya tries his best to convince her but she is not wiilling to accept him in to her life. So, Aditya Resolves to stay away from her by  going very far from that place where he can’t remember her.
Suma takes interest in his story and connects with him.When Aditya is told by Kasi about Suma’s love for him,Aditya says that he is still in love with Kiran and wants to go back to Bhimavaram. At the railway station,to Aditya’s great shock,he gets to know that Kiran is Suma’s cousin.

            Suma tells Aditya her love story that she was cheated by Raghu.Kiran tells Aditya that she misunderstood Kasi and she came to Bhimavaram to apologise her and she also says to kiran that she gets hurt by the way Kasi talked. Kiran takes Suma with her to Mumbai to attend an interview. Aditya accompanys them to Mumbai and there he boosts up her confidence to face the interview.They return from Mumbai and set out for Bhimavaram . In Bhimavaram Aditya learns that Kiran is going to be Married with Hemanth(Raj Tarun).Suma knows about Aditya and Kiran Love Story.Aditya decides to leave both of them and live very far from that place.Kiran and Suma take the help of Hemanth to find him.Finally, kiran expresses her love with Aditya which leads to happy end by being offered co director job by S.S.Raja Mouli.

 Majnu 2016 story

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