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Indian Actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao Profile

Actor’s Full Name:

Akkineni Nageswara Rao is one of the most popular Indian film actors. But, Telugu People, mostly his fans  fondly refer him to as A.N.R.


Akkineni Nageswara Rao was an Indian Actor, Film producer and Film studio owner


A.N.R was born on 20th September,1924

Birth Place:

Akkineni Nageswara Rao was born and brought up in RamaPuram of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. During his childhood, he played stage dramas along with his friends in and around his home village.


He was very much passionate about stage drama right from childhood. So, A.N.R. didn’t show much interest towards education. As a result, he hardly managed up to school final.

 Total Cine Career:

Coming to his cine career, A.N.R acted in the movies of different genres for good 75 years. Apart from that, He played a key role in moving the cine industry from Madras to Hyderabad. And he acted in around 244 Telugu and Tamil movies during his Cine career. But, Most of them are Telugu films.

Wife and children:

His wife Mrs. Annapurna Akkineni was a house-wife. Her native place is Denduluru of west Godavari district. She passed away in 2011.

He has two sons and three daughters. They are Venkat Akkineni,Nagarjuna Akkineni,Sathyavathi Akkineni,Naga Susheela Akkineni,Saroja Akkineni. Among all, Nagarjuna Akkineni inherited his father’s cine career. As we all know, he has become popular as ‘Manmadhudu’ in Tollywood.

Highest honorary Awards:

To Telugu people’s honour,A.N.R. received the prestigious highest awards such as ‘Padmasri’ in 1968 Padma Bhushan in 1988. And  Akkineni Nageswara Rao was awarded the highest honorary  ‘Dada saheb Phalke Award ‘in 1991 and Padma Vibhushan  in 2011.

Annapurna Studios:

As a part of his service for Indian cinema, he established Annapurna Studio in Hyderabad in 1975. Really, It was of great help to the movie makers in those days. Later he started Annapurna International school of film and media in 2011 in the premises of Annapurna studios.

 Debut Telugu movie:

Akkineni Nageswara Rao made his debut with the Telugu film ‘Dharma Pathni’ released in 1941. The movie was directed by A. Chakra Pani.

 Biographical fims:

A.N.R had acted in a few successful biographical films such as Vipra Narayana,Tenali Rama Krishna,Mahakavi Kalidasu,Bhaktha Jayadeva Amarashilpi Jakkanna, Bhaktha Tukaram and Sri Rama dasu released in 1954,1956,1960,1961,1964,1971 and 2006 respectively.

Mythological Films:

Nageswara Rao played mythological roles in the movies such as Maya Bajar Chenchu Lakshmi,Bhookailas, Srikrishnarjuna Yuddham and Srirama rajyam. The movies brought him great name and fame.

Best Romantic movies:

A.N.R starred in the romantic movies such as Laila Majnu(1949), Devadasu(1953),Anarkali(1955),Batasari(1961),MoogaManasulu(1964)

,Premanagar(1971),Premabhishekam(1981),Megha Sandesam(1982). These movies made him ever green hero and he could capture the women following.

A.N.R’s more super hits:


Dr.Chakravarty(1964),Dharma Datha(1970),Dasara Bullodu(1971).

multistarrer movies:(with N.T.R)

Missamma,Gundamma Katha,Parivartana,Samsaram,Satyam Sivam,MayaBajar,Bhookailas,Srikrishnarjuna Yuddhaam,Tenali Ramakrishna,Rechukka,Charanadasi,Palletoori Pilla,Ramakrishnulu,Chanukya Chandragupta

 Nandi Awards:

Akkineni Received 7 Nandi awards during his movie career for his best acting performance in the movies such as

Dr. chakravarty,Anthasthulu,Sudigundalu,Megha sandesam, bangaru kutumbam released in 1964, 1965. 1967. 1982, 1994 respectively. Besides them ,he received  NTR National award in 1996 and Raghupathi Venkaiah award in 1989 .

 film fare awards south:

And he got 4 film Fare awards south as well.

 Last Breath:

Akkineni Nageswara Rao passed away on 22 Jan 2014 .

The Indians ,mostly Telugu people should feel proud of having such a great actor like Akkineni Nageswara Rao . We can’t just describe his service to the Indian cinema. Though he is not in the world physically, he lives on in the hearts of Telugu people.

Tollypop feels honored to dedicate this article to A.N.R.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao



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