Chiranjeevi Negative Role Movies

Chiranjeevi negative role movies

In the initial days of Megastar cine career, Tollywood audience saw Chiranjeevi as villian on the screen. However. the movie lovers appreciated Chiranjeevi negative role in the movies. Because he did the utmost justice to the negative roles given to him.

If the movie lovers watch Chiranjeevi negative role movies submitted here under, they  feel that he really deserves the Mega star status. In these movies, he proved any type of character be it a villian or hero. He had proved that there are no limits to the real artiste be it a hero or villian.

Chiranjeevi, one of the most sought-after and popular artiste in Indian cinema. In fact, Chiranjeevi was not his real name. His birth name was Konidela siva Shankar vara Prasad. As his mother was devotee of Lord Hanuman she advised her son to change his name as Chiranjeevi. So, he chose to be called as Chiranjeevi after launching himself in to film industry. Even in the beginning of his cine career, Chiranjeevi Negative Role Movies proved that he would become great movie artiste and favorite star for the large number of movie lovers.

After completing graduation, Chiranjeevi moved to Chennai to pursue law.But as he has been strongly desirous of films he joined the Adyar Film Institute in Chennai in 1977.
AS soon as he  completed the training in acting, he started hunting for the chances in the films. Though he went through a few hurdles to grab the opportunities, Chiranjeevi did n’t let his spirits scattered.With a great perseverance and persistence, Chiranjeevi kept on putting in efforts to appear on the silver screen. To begin with, he was even ready to play the negative roles in the films. In fact, initially, Chiranjeevi negative role movies helped him to shape up his career.

Chiranjeevi negative role movies |Chiranjeevi as a villian

Initially, he bagged small roles in ‘Punadi Rallu‘ and ‘Pranam Khareedu’. Even though the length of his character was small he did justice to his roles. Subsequently,he had an opportunity to play the negative roles in a few films. Chiranjeevi negative role movies include ‘Idi Kada Kadu’, ‘47 Rojulu’,‘Mosagadu’ , ‘ Nyayam Kaavali’ and ‘Tirugu Leni Manishi’. As there are no limitations to the real artist,Chiranjeevi portrayed the negative roles in an excellent manner. Truly, Chiranjeevi Negative Role Movies laid a strong foundation to establish himself in the film industry. In fact,  characters of chirajeevi as a villian have a great impact on the subject of the movie and an artiste has a large scope for performance.

Idi Kadha Kadu

This film is the very first movie among Chiranjeevi negative role movies.
The film ‘Idi Katha Kaadu’released in 1979.The starring was Kamalhasan, Jayasudha, Chiranjeevi. K.Balachander directed the film. Chiranjeevi played a villian role in the film.

Chiranjeevi negative role


 The movie, Mosagadu hit the screens in the year 1980. Shobhanbabu,Sridevi, played the lead roles.  K.Raghavendrarao was the director. Chiranjeevi acted a negative role in this movie.

Chiranjeevi negative role

Nyayam Kavali 

Nyayam Kavali was released in 1981. Radhika,Chiranjeevi,Saratkumar performed the main characters. A.Kodandarami Reddy directed the film. This is one of the best movies of Chiranjeevi negative role movies. The Negative role played by Chiranjeevi impressed the movie lovers a lot in those days.

Chiranjeevi negative role

Chiranjeevi villian characters | Chiranjeevi negative role movies

47 days
The movie ‘47 days’ was 3rd September 1981 release. Again, Bala Chandar directed the film.The starring was Chiranjeevi, Jaya Prada,Sarath Babu,Ramaprabha. Chiranjeevi was portrayed as a villian character being a bad husband to a woman, played by JayaPrada.

Chiranjeevi negative role

‘Tiruguleni manishi’ 

Even now, the genuine audience accept Chiranjeevi negative role because they see the real artiste in him.

‘Tiruguleni Manishi’ was 1981 release. K.Raghavendra Rao was the director.The music was composed by K.V.Mahadevan.The starring was N.T.RamaRao, Chiranjeevi and Rathi Agnihothri.

Chiranjeevi negative role



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