Pavani Reddy Profile And Cute Images

Pavani Gangireddy is a film actress,Model and Fashion Blogger who has acted in Telugu films.Pavani Reddy Profile is here below for you to check out. Though Pavani Reddy appeared in less number of films she showcased her talent. In spite of the length of her role in the movies, she did justice to her character. Considering her acting skills and good body language she seems to have bright future in film industry. Moreover, being a software enginner, out of great passion and interest she quit the job and launched herself in to films. This shows that she would be successful as a film actress. Let us wish her all the very best.

 Early Life and cine career on Pavani Reddy Profile

Pavani Gangireddy is a software engineer at Infosys. She came across an assistant director from Kranthi Madhav’s team ‘Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju’ movie. Then, she showed him the short film in which she acted. It was a Telugu short film named ‘Vindhya Marutam’. The assistant director felt very happy with her performance. And also, he believed that she would do justice to the role of heroine’s friend. That way, she got an opportunity to appear on the big screen. debut telugu was ‘Malli Malli Rani Roju’released in 2015.

Pavani Reddy Telugu Movies

Later she acted in the Telugu movie ‘Size Zero’. Subsequently, she appeared in the movies like ‘Brahmotsavam‘, ‘Right Right’,and’Jo Achyutananda’.

Upcoming film on  Pavani Reddy Profile

Pavani”s upcoming movie is ‘9 TheMovie’ in Telugu which is going to be released in the year 2017.

Pavani Reddy Cute Images 

The following beautiful images complement Pavani Reddy Profile. She really looks gorgeous in different attire and in various color dresses. Check them out and enjoy.

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Pavani Reddy Profile

Pavani Reddy Profile


Pavani Reddy Profile

Pavani Reddy Profile

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